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Side fans

Asuga PRO integrates two very high performance fans on the side. These two fans allow you to dry the gloves at the same time as the helmet.

Not just the helmet

Thanks to the supplied hook it is possible to hang Asuga PRO to exploit all the power of the three fans. In this way it will be possible to dry and sanitize a racing suit in a few minutes.


Asuga was the first helmet dryer on the market equipped with an ionizer. This device produces negative ions which it releases into the air, purifies and eliminates bad odors. The use of the ionizer is particularly suitable to avoid the formation of mold and bacteria. It also eliminates pollen, particulates and dust.

Helmet bag

Included in every Asuga Evo and Asuga Pro. Made of technical fabric. The dimensions are specially designed to accommodate helmet, Hans and Asuga collar. Complete with side pocket for documents or gloves. Interior in red velvet to avoid scratches to the helmet and Asuga.

New fan

The fan used by Asuga PRO is 20% more powerful than the previous model, this translates into greater air flow and less drying time.

Helmet support

Thanks to the addition of a practical handle Asuga PRO is even easier to carry. Furthermore, the handle blocks and supports the helmet during drying, this prevents accidental falls of the helmet from the support base.


Its operation is incredibly simple but absolutely effective, in fact it uses a very high performance fan that conveys a flow of air of considerable capacity, inside the helmet; the incoming air is sanitized by an ionizer that purifies it from germs and bacteria. With Asuga the helmet will always be dry, sanitized and in perfect condition, even the internal padding will last longer!

Asuga PRO integrates two high-performance fans placed on the sides, in this way it is possible to dry and sanitize the gloves at the same time as the helmet.

Thanks to the hook included in all Asuga PRO it is possible to hang inside a racing suit. In this way the three high-power fans will dry the suit and the ionizer will eliminate bad smells and germs.

Power supply

Input: 100-240 V 50-60HZ - Output: 12V 5A - Max power 60W


Average fan speed 3200 RPM. Air flow 251 m3/h


Sizes: 400 x 265 x 100 mm


1.2 kg power supply not included

Drying time

Max 16 minutes

Helmet bag

Included in all Asuga EVO and Asuga PRO

Drying times

Asuga PRO uses an even more powerful fan! In this way, drying times are reduced by 20% compared to the previous model.

Asuga 20 min
Asuga PRO16 min

Scuola Federale di velocità

Scuola Federale di velocità

Helmet bag included

Technical fabric bag included in every Asuga EVO and Asuga PRO. Dimensions specifically designed to carry Asuga, hans collar and full-face helmet. The velvet interior prevents scratches to the helmet during transport.


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Helmet bag




Asuga PRO


Helmet bag




Asuga PRO


Asuga PRO


Helmet bag


Asuga PRO


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Scuola Federale di velocità

Asuga e FMI

Asuga is the official supplier of equipment for the sanitization of helmets and gloves of the
federal school of speed founded by Gianluca Nannelli.

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